Recycled Bricks

Extruded or Pressed                                         

500 pieces per pallet

No modern brick can recreate the natural imperfections and charming irregularities which give each recycled brick its own, unique personality.
It’s why Recycled Bricks work so powerfully as feature bricks and pavers and are increasingly used by leading interior designers and architects.
In short, our Recycled Bricks give you:
• A convenient size suitable for feature brickwork or heavy-traffic-area paving.
• A product which works as effectively in a feature or garden wall as it does in a landscaping highlight, renovation or restoration.
• Fascinating colour and size variations which add to the bricks’ originality and earthy appeal. Each batch is uniquely different.
• The flexibility to use them in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
• The most environment-friendly bricks/pavers because they’re totally recycled.
• The freedom to complement and blend beautifully with materials such as timber, limestone and granite.

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Recycled Bricks

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